Twitter Takeover: Get your question answered about the most exciting book of this half of 2016

‘Cell 7’ totally blew our minds. Set in a world where crimes are punished by vote. Where your fate is decided by a simple phone call voting live or die. Where reality TV has all the power.


It kept us on the edge of our seats and turning the pages WAY past our bedtime. Who needs sleep, right?

We’re sure you have as many questions for Kerry Drewery as we do, so she’s taking over @maximumpopbooks to answer them all!

Next Monday (10th October), Kerry is taking the reins on @maximumpopbooks from 7-8pm to answer all of the burning questions from her lovely readers.


Whether your’e desperate for hints about book two or just really want to know what Kerry’s favourite biscuit is, just ask! Use #AskKerry to send in your questions.

Will you be joining Kerry for the takeover? Let us know at @maximumpopbooks

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