Here’s how you could put a smile on The Vamps’ faces this Christmas

Pop stars give us so much. They make us laugh, cry and give us all the feels every single day of our lives, so it’s only natural that we would want to give something back.

Well here’s your chance.


We’ve put together a fan project which will guarantee that James, Brad, Tristan and Connor from The Vamps will have the best Christmas ever! The idea is for us to create a fan book with all your messages and to give it to the boys as a Christmas present. Schweet!

The Vamps’ management have guaranteed that they will give the book to the band so this is a sure fire way of getting the boys to see your messages. You’ve never had a better opportunity to be close to them.

The project already has 356 people from all corners of the earth signed up to take part so you could really be part of something special.

Here’s a video to explain the project:

Click on the link here or the image below to see what you could contribute to the fan book and the deadlines.


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