“I literally have no idea what you’re saying!” – Watch Laure Eve totally LOSE IT playing our Whisper Challenge

Laure Eve’s ethereal sensation of a novel, ‘The Graces’ is all sweeping emotion and witchy vibes. This video is the EXACT OPPOSITE! In the best possible way.


Firstly, Laure Eve is effortlessly cool even as she totally tanks our challenge, and secondly, this video will legit make you Laugh Out Loud. You’re welcome for the belly laffs.

We shot this video while at YALC earlier this year. Did you catch our other YALC shenanigans? 

Trust when we say that this book is as flawlessly awesome as its author. If you’ve fallen a little bit in love already, you can get your copy right here.

Would you be able to smash a challenge like this? Or would you totally crash and burn? Tell us in the comments!

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