Get the Look: Slap the style right outta ‘The Graces’ and wear it yourself!

It’s official. Laure Eve’s ‘The Graces’ not only is as darkly addictive as you want it to be, the cover is also to die for.


And now you capture all of that badassery (huh, weird word…) and distill it into one wonderfully toxic look. Srsly, this style will cast a spell on you, maybe.


Wonderfully witchy , right? But not too much to actually get you burned at the stake. This is the kind of clobber that screams dark mystery and epic vogue.

And now you’re thinking “great, but where the heck can I get this stuff from?” So here’s a quick list of some of the shops/brands these items can be found:

That should get you started! Magic or not, release your inner witch bitch now and then. Espesh this time of year eh? ‘Tis the season!

Have you been tempted by ‘The Graces’ too? You can get your copy right here. Swish! Plus use our Snapchat directory to find your fave style icons!

Would you wear this kind of look? We would deffo rock that tee on certain grumpy days! But let us know which you would wear in the comments!

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