The story of how The 1975 graduated to superstardom at the Apple Music Festival

There is no better way to spend an evening than in the company of your favourite artists, and the up close and personal touch of the Apple Music Festival really allows you to feel like you are right there with the band while they are performing.

Last night the indie Kings of Cool ruled the night at London’s Roundhouse with their off-beat, new wave pop which has conquered the charts. Here’s 8 unmissable moments from their gig.

1. The moment when Christine and the Queens, the support act, uttered the best quote ever


2. When Christine & the Queens turned the room into a french discotheque

The dancing was everything. EVERYTHING!

#christineandthequeens #amf10 #applemusicfestival #tilted

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3. The 1975 giving us the best light show in the whole of London

#the1975 #applemusicfestival #amf10

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4. Matty’s suit

Beautiful man alert

5. When The 1975 had ‘A Change of Heart’


6. The slinky, pulsing sound of ‘Somebody Else’ bathed in pink light

#somebodyelse #the1975 #applemusicfestival #amf10

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7. This hot moment which shook the pop world

8. ‘The Sound’ ending it all and us too

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