Straight outta Hogwarts: #HipHopHarryPotter is the trend you NEED to see

Spot of Harry-oke, anybody?

If there’s one thing we love about Harry Potter, it’s his endless list of talents. Not many people can rock a scar, ACTUALLY speak to snakes and kill a load of psycho demons at the same time. That’s one hefty Tinder bio right there.

But Hazza’s talents don’t end there – nuh uh honey. He’s also a super talented rapper, and tbh, his lyric dropping skills could probably rival the likes of Drake, Ice Cube and Mel B in ‘Wannabe‘.

Thanks to Comedy Central show @Midnight, the world is now being exposed to Hip Hop Harry Potter – and he is one BADASS wizard. Well, sort of.

After launching the #HipHopHarryPotter challenge on the show, the @Midnight team have seen Potterheads flocking to Twitter to take part, and it’s safe to say that things have turned WILD:

TEN POINTS TO WHOEVER CAME UP WITH ‘My anaconda don’t want none if you can’t speak parseltongue’. Genius.

QUIZ: How much do you really know about Hogwarts? Even true Potterheads will be stupefied by this quiz! 

QUIZ: Which Hogwarts house are you destined to be in based on your birthday?

NEWSFLASH: You officially don’t need to be a wizard to go to Hogwarts any more

W’eve been racking our brains for ideas, and the best thing we’ve come up with is ‘Baby got Basilisk’. Poor, we know. Got a better idea? Leave a comment below!

And in the meantime, check out the video which kickstarted the whole thing. You should be warned, though – after seeing this you’ll NEVER look at Mr. Potter in the same way again.

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