Get the Look: ‘Stealing Snow’ gives you winter wonderland realness

The cover for Danielle Paige’s latest book is positively divine. A frosty winter wonderland that gives us an itch to dig out our fur trimmed boots and coats and pray for a snow day!


The idea has snowballed, meaning we now give you the ULTIMATE ‘Stealing Snow’ inspiration:

This is why we’re obsessed with this cover. Simple and elegant and so much YES! We wanna wear it. Don’t you?


We’re thinking white on white. With a dash of red. just a little shock of colour in all that ice will make people look twice.


Plus, we’re going there with the blue mascara. It’s totally due a revival. You’ll be more on trend than the best in the fashion biz. Trust.


Do not be seen without a hand mirror, or course. It completes the whole evil snow queen vibe. Plus it means you can double check on that ensemble quicker than you could open your front-facing camera.


So, are you feeling it? What’s your FAVE wintery piece of clothing? Tell us in the comments below!

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