Snappy happy! One of your fave YouTubers is taking over our Snapchat tomorrow

Monday might be just around the corner, but we’re here to brighten up the start of your week.

We’ve got one of your fave YouTuber musicians to take over our account and fill it with beautiful filtery goodness. Expect puppy dog filter fun galore!

But who is taking over, I hear you ask?


It’s non other than…



Madilyn will be giving you a exclusive, behind the scenes look at what it looks like inside the studio as she records her next set of smash hits.

As she’s in the US the takeover probably won’t start until afternoon time, but keep checking just in case she’s an early riser.

Make sure you’re following us on Snapchat otherwise you’ll miss all the action. Our username is ‘maximumpop’ and while you’re at it you should definitely add Madilyn Bailey’s username too. You can find that in our Snapchat Directory by clicking here.

She also recently did an interview with us where she revealed something none of her fans know! Check that out here.


Tweet us @maximumpop if you can’t wait for Madilyn’s takeover.

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