This guy spent four hours on Snapchat recreating classic Disney moments and we’re living for it

So you know when people used to say “wow, that’s Snapchat goals” or “I’m totally Snapchat goals tbh”. Well…


Because nothing can ever be this Snapchat goal-ly! LIKE EVER, OK!?

This guy @ivanmoomoo (legend!) must be proclaimed as the official king of Snapchat for all enternity for his services to our current generation. Not in all our years have we ever seen something so beautiful.

He spent four hours using Snapchat filters to pay homage to some of the most memorable Disney moments from films like ‘Pocahontas’, ‘Frozen’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to name but a few.

And this reaction just says it all…

We choose to steamroll straight past the sarcasm and take this literally because tbh the artistry is so real and we couldn’t be prouder. Watch the full masterpiece right here.

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Let us know what you think of ivanmoomoo’s Snapchat skillz using the comments box below.

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