SJ Kincaid is taking over Twitter

SJ Kincaid is the author of the EPIC ‘The Diabolic’ which is hitting shelves early next month. We’re SO excited to have this book in our lives and we know you are too, so we roped SJ into taking over @maximumpopbooks for an hour!


We have about a million questions – favourite book of the year? Why the name ‘Nemesis’? Would you ever survive the world of ‘The Diabolic’? We could go on…

Here are all the essential deets:


Are you excited? WE ARE.

You’re gonna want ‘The Diabolic’ in your life so pre-order that sucker. But which colour cover will you get? It’s in the hands of the gods.

Tell us about your fave epic sci-fi novels in the comments below. 

What do you think?

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