Wait, is Shawn Mendes keeping a HUGE secret from us all?

How could we not know this?

We trusted you, Shawn. We trusted you…

We all know that Shawn Mendes is a really talented guy. He can sing, play the guitar, look mournfully into the camera and make a million hearts break at once… That kind of power comes with great responsibility, but today we discovered that Shawn has been playing with all of us by keeping this massive secret.

So you know how Shawn is a master of facial expressions? Well…if not we’ve created a quick recap for you.




Oh hey beautiful…

You’ll never guess who Shawn met in this unbelievably cute interview

QUIZ: How well do you know ‘Mercy’ by Shawn Mendes?

So think we proved our point right?

Anyway, turns out Shawn’s elastic face isn’t just him goofing around like the adorable dork he is, it’s actually a god-given talent. Shawn recognises it himself.

THE LIE IS OUT. You tricked us Shawn.

We can’t wait to see this “face dance” on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ later in the year. This is gonna be LIT. There’s just one question left to ask.

We have a theory…

Now isn’t that a thought… Would you love to see Shawn on ‘Carpool Karaoke’? If so, make sure you vote in this poll to show your support.


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