Remember toothy Slytherin chaser Marcus Flint? You won’t BELIEVE what he looks like now

Come hither, slither over here

Marcus Flint might not have been perfect bae material on paper. But every duckling becomes a swan, right? And we’re flabberghasted at the difference a few years and a good muggle haircut can make to a Slytherin wrong ‘un.

You do remember who we mean, right? This guy:

Teeth. Yes. But let’s be fair, he does have his war face on, ready to beat down the Gryffindor quidditch team. And as captain, you know, he has a reputation to uphold.

Ooh, see, now that’s a bit better. That sly little “what’s good?” face. We can’t all afford the best wizarding dental care and not all of our parents are dentists (Hermione, looking at you).

He’s obviously one of the lads through and through. Plus, he did have to stay on an extra year at Hogwarts after failing his exams but at least he DID them. Unlike Harry Potter who apparently is too cool for school.

But he’s an ATHLETE! Bona fide, proven, scoring athlete.

NEWSFLASH! Harry Potter has gone missing and not even JK knows where to find him

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Still no dice? Can’t convince you on a date with him? Ok, ok. However, judge ye not because this quaffle handler blossomed into a freakin’ dove:

Mmm hmm. See? We’d let him seek our golden snitches any day.

Bam. Instant bae. Better hair, better teeth (because DUH they were fake in the films) but we can’t quite believe the transformation. Magic must be involved…

Think you can identify a load of other HP characters from what they look like now? TRY US…

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