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Quiz: Who said it – Cyra or Princess Leia?


Cyra is the sister of a tyrant who manipulates and extorts her currentgift. Princess Leia is an agent of the Rebel Alliance and a member of the Imperial Senate. Both are in tricky positions and while their lives may look shiny on the outside, it’s not all roses for these two powerhouses.

But just like Princess Leia (RIP Carrie Fisher😭), Cyra is more than her title. She’s clever, quick-witted and so very resilient. And she’ll need to be. When Akos and his brother from the peaceful planet of Thuvhe, they’re going be thrown together and nothing will be the same again.

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But how well do you truly know Cyra and Princess Leia? Can you tell who said what?

How did you do – are you a true fan? Let us know in the comments below. 

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