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QUIZ: Which sweet 2017 release are you based on your pick n mix opinions?


Sugar, ohhh, honey, honey. You’re sweet like chocolate… Sugar how you get so fly? Gimme chocolate!

Uhh, ok. If that has totally wigged you out then you, friend, need a sugartastically musical education. But surely we can all agree that pick n mix is the food of the gods and should be consumed with nothing but intense vim and vigour.

If you had to choose though, which is better? The cherry cola bottle, or the bubblegum? Fried eggs or foam bananas? Should chocolate peanuts even be a thing?

Trust us when we say we can tell a lot from your confectionary preferences. And once you’ve answered these questions we’ll match you up with the PERF 2017 release.

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QUIZ: Would you survive the Battle of Hogwarts?

The books we’ve got waiting in the wings are cute, will give a serious case of the warm and fuzzies, and oh yeah, they’re sweet like chocolate. So if you wanna find out which one you should 100% devour, then join us on the candy train.

Which did you get? Share your sweet treat with us in the comment below!

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