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QUIZ: Which quite shit Harry Potter character is your spirit animal?

We can’t all be the chosen one

Harry Potter is full of classic, loveable characters who we will forever cherish in our hearts, but it also has it’s share of stinkers.

There are the annoying ones…

Colin Creevey

“I know all about you”

Lavender Brown


The infuriating ones…

Percy Weasley

“I’m head boy!”


“The Ministry of Magic is pleased to announce the appointment of Dolores Jane Umbridge as High Inquisitor, to address the falling standards at Hogwarts School” (DAMMIT FUDGE!)

The blithering idiots (clearly some of these do cross over)…

Seamus Finnigan

“It’s not like I *try* to blow things up, exactly, it just sorta happens”.

And the shady ones:


“Thank you for the pineapple, you’re quite right, it is my favourite”

Xeno Lovegood

“Gnome saliva is enormously beneficial!”

Right… anyway we’ve invented a fiendishly accurate test to determine which one of these characters is actually your spirit animal. We all have a bit of shitness in us tbh. Take the quiz and let us know your secret shame below in the comments.

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