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Quiz: Sometimes we’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast – but which one are you?

Curiouser and curiouser!

Some things should not be possible. Because they’re just not. Like, being so lit af you suddenly bursting into flames… and yet… It can still be believed when it’s right in front of our faces. These small miracles, or scientific anomalies, or fever dreams keep happening.

James Patterson’s ‘Cradle and All’ explores the possible of the impossible… but the which unbelievable thing are you?

Will good triumph over evil? It all hangs on what YOU choose –>

Which queen from ‘Reign’ are you?

Why do you need to know? We hear you. But it could legit be something useful to put on that CV. It will spice that UCAS application right up when you include “can walk on water”. You’ll be fighting off the acceptance letters. So let’s do this:

So, are you going to suddenly light up like the 4th of July, or are you walking through walls? Tells us in the comments below!

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