QUIZ: Put together a festival outfit and we’ll tell you the EXACT age you’ll get married

Better get that Colin the Caterpillar wedding cake ordered ASAP.

Now the high street is stocking wedding dresses (looking at you, Topshop, Missguided and Boohoo), it’s pretty much impossible to avoid the whole wedding fever thing.

You know what we mean. You just pop out for a new pair of jeans and come home with a full white dress and veil ensemble ready for that Harry Styles wedding you’ve been planning for years.

No? Just us? Awks.

But even if you haven’t planned your whole wedding down to the very last red velvet cupcake like we have, you’re probably wondering when you’ll tie the knot…if ever.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together an accurate quiz which will tell you EXACTLY when you’re going to get married.

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To find out your marriage destiny, all you need to do is put together your DREAM festival outfit – and then let us work our magic.

We’re basically like the Sorting Hatbut for weddings. It’s all pretty genius, really.

Now you know WHEN you’ll be getting married, you just need to find your groom. And as luck would have it, we can tell you that, too!

Take the quiz below and make sure to let us know your results by leaving a comment below. Once we know when the wedding will be and who’ll be lucky enough to put a ring on your finger, we can go out and buy ourselves some hats (we’re dying to get some fancy new headwear, so don’t let us down). 

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