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QUIZ: How well do you remember the lyrics to One Direction ‘Story of My Life’?

Are you actually the ultimate Directioner you think you are?

The status of lyric fangirl supreme is not just taken, it has to be earned.

You can’t just go around proclaiming your self to be the ultimate fan of One Direction when so many have suffered greatly to earn that title. You must go through your baptism of fire.

1. The first test is showing you can distinguish 1D lyrics from other bands’ lyrics

You’re doomed.

QUIZ: Can you guess whether these are 1D or 5SOS lyrics?

2. The second is being able to match up lyrics from 1D songs to their titles without getting any questions wrong

Lol you’re gonna fail.

Can you guess the 1D song from a single line?

3. And the final test is showing that you can remember all the lyrics to each individual song off by heart

No cheating now. Let us know whether you survived the 1D baptism of fire using the comments box below.

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