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QUIZ: How well do you know the lyrics to Little Mix ‘Touch’?

Don’t you keep it all to yourself

We’re not gonna lie. We’re in love with the ‘Glory Days’ era!

The sass, the empowerment, the GORGEOUS aesthetics. It’s all giving us so much life we feel we probably have an excess of it. ALL THE LIFE!

We sing the whole of ‘Glory Days’ to ourselves before we go to bed at night…

And during the day…

And when we get up…

In fact, every minute of every day. And we know you guys do too. Which is why acing this lyric quiz should be a breeze for you. ‘Touch’ is everywhere at the minute so surely you’ve learned all the lyrics off by heart.

WE CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL! *slinks off shadily*

Take the quiz below and let us know your score using the comments box below. Oh and when you type your answer remember to leave a space afterwards so that it goes through… unless you’ll score NOTHING MWAHAHAHA. Good luck.

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