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QUIZ: How magic is your love life based on your witchy opinions?

“I put a spell on you…”

Do you put a spell on whoever you meet? Or is it more like a CURSE?! Find out just how magical your love life is with this simple test of your witchy opinions.

So whether you’re a fan of bookish spellcasters like Merry from ‘The Witch’s Tears’ or TV icons like Sabrina, we can tell you exactly how magic your love life is.

Are you a wizard with those flirty words? Or are all the baes chasing after you because you’re utterly spellbinding? Because we know you totally slay; your personality is the best brand of fairy dust.

QUIZ: How well do you remember the lyrics to ‘Breaking Free’ from ‘High School Musical’?

QUIZ: Which Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher are you?

Ok then, wizards and witches. Grab your broomsticks, chuck another dried toad in that cauldron and let’s get magical. Are you charming enough to come out on top of this test? Don’t forget to share your results afterwards!

How did you do? Is your love life truly magical? Tell us in the comments below. 

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