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QUIZ: How far would you actually go for love?

Like, would you share a toothbrush?

Euw, no. No toothbrush sharing. That’s just nasty. Besides, that’s what your finger is for. What we’re talking about is how FAR would you go; would you be like Merry from ‘The Witch’s Tears’ and take on untold dangers for your loved ones?

Some rules were made to be broken, but how many would you bend and break for your family or for your crush? 

So maybe some things are a step too far, but on a simple level, would you share your food? Would you climb inside the mouth of a lion?

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There are different kinds of love, for sure. And there is space inside one heart for them all. But are you harbouring the kind of love that would do anything? There’s only one way to find out. Take this simple test and then share your results!

How did it go, are you swooning hard? Tell us in the comments below.

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