QUIZ: Which famous painting are you based on your favourite pop group?

Let us take you back to the Renaissance.

Figure 1.tumblr_mtnqk0oxyi1rt28efo1_500-0

Yeah we don’t know where that GIF came from, but we’re pretty sure it’s an accurate representation of life several hundreds of years ago.

It was a simpler time back then but, as you can see from Figure 1, people still were pretty into their stompin’ jams. Sure, they’d never had their lives enriched by ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ or learned to ace the choreo from the ‘Black Magic’ video, but they gave it their best.


That era was also known for it’s art. Some of the most famous paintings in the world were created in that period and we have come to realise that you can tell which painting you’re most like from the music you listen to.

Take the poll below to find out whether you’re a ‘Scream’ or if you have a ‘Mona Lisa’ smile…

Leave a comment with your results using the comments box below.

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