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QUIZ: Can you guess the 5SOS song from a single line?

Prove you’re fangirl enough

We’re officially celebrating the launch of our 5SOS app, Text Me 5SOS, which we’ve created to revolutionize the lives of the 5SOS fam the world over.

Yeah not bad eh. How are those apples?

Yeah tasty, that’s what we thought.

And to mark the event we think it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Test your metal. In other words, prove why you belong in the 5SOS fam.

We’ve created a 5SOS lyric quiz which will determine whether you deserve to sign up to Text Me 5SOS. Are you fangirl enough to get 100?

Take the quiz below to reveal your fate.

QUIZ: Can you guess whether these are 1D or 5SOS lyrics?

Can you guess the 1D song from a single line?

You’ve only got two minutes. GO!

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