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Quiz: Can you escape the dark underbelly of your favourite fandoms?

Fangirl up!

Diving into a fandom can be a bit like jumping into a black hole. A dark, slightly seedy and often treacherous black hole, especially if Tumblr has anything to do with it. Sometimes your fandom or your OTP might not be the most popular, but there’s nothing for it but to go rogue and see it through.

And that’s exactly what Gwendolyn has to do in Scott Bergstrom’s debut thriller, ‘The Cruelty’.

With a missing father and a bucketload of plot thickener, it’s a rip-roaring read. And if Gwen can be a badass enough to weather her story, can’t you do the same?

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The only difference is, you need to escape the dark underbelly of the fandom universe, and Gwendolyn’s adventure is more IRL than fought out online.

STILL! If you think you feel strongly enough about Harry Potter, or if you would go to the ends of the earth for your fave pop stars then we wish you well. If you can make it through this maze then you deserve a more than the book recommendation we’ll give you at the end.

If you can escape this puzzle then you deserve a trophy. Good luck.

How did it go? Are you happy with the book you got? Share it with us!

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