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QUIZ: Are you actually an evil bookworm?

“I flip mah page back and forth.”

If you’ve been subtly forcing your fandoms on your friends, or slyly slipping quotes into those group chats… It’s possible you might be an evil bookworm.

You’re that one person that can be relied upon to have already read it and have at least three reasons why everyone else should. You buy books for your nearest and dearest as gifts, HOPING that they’ll crack it open and become a changed muggle…

How well read are you, though?

27 more things bookworms are SICK of hearing –>

…But does that make you evil? Well, your heart might in the right place. Books for all! Literacy yay! However, we’re on to you. We can see you plans for world domination. One book at a time. *whispers* and won’t it be such a beautiful place?

So whether it’s through sorting your pets into their Hogwarts houses, or saying NO to the bullcrap when someone says the movie was better… Are you actually an evil bookworm?

Alright, alright. Stop cackling long enough to tell us if you’re actually evil, or nah, in the comments. LEAD ON, MACDUFF!

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