The latest pumpkin spice beauty product will solve ALL of your problems…there’s just one catch

If you’re as #basic as us, you’re probably already turning into a pumpkin spice latte,  just 12 days into September. It’s the drink we love to love, and we cannot get enough of it.

But why stop at heart-warming beverages? There’s a whole heap of PSL goodies out there,  just waiting to be discovered.

First we saw pumpkin spice highlighter (because, why not), and now, what is perhaps the greatest PSL invention to date has come to light – LIP BALM.

This genius creation comes courtesy of Burt’s Bees (all hail), and has been described by Popsugar as tasting ‘like a pumpkin pie inspired custard’. Errr, YUM?

Image: Target

Image: Target

But as with most amazing things, there is a catch – you’ll need to order from America. While the lip balm itself only costs $3.29 (that’s a cheap-as-chips £2.48 for us Brits), shipping will set you back a whopping $33.15 (or £24.99). That’s a grand total of £27.47.

Pumpkin spice or not, in this post-Brexit economy, there’s no way we’re paying that for a lip balm.

We’re seriously hoping that Burt’s Bees will bring the product to the UK soon, because we are DYING to get our PSL fix. But until then, we’ll just have to stick with smearing slightly cooled latte all over our lips. *sigh*

Would you shell out £27.47 just for the privilege of tasting PSL all day long? Let us know by commenting below.

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