‘Pretty Little Liars’ is coming to an end and so is Shay Mitchell’s acting career?

Shay it isn’t so!


Now that it has been confirmed that our beloved ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is coming to an end we can’t help wondering what the Liars going to do next. They are currently wrapping up filming of the last season of the show, but what will they be doing afterwards?

Of course, you would assume that they would all be going into further acting projects or even kick-starting a movie career, but Shay seems to have something different in mind for the minute at least.

Find Shay’s Snapchat username, as well as all the Liars in our Snapchat Directory

It seems like this Liar is going to be focusing on the fashion world a lot more after ‘PLL’ ends. The actress previously collaborated with a top sunglasses brand Quay Australia to release a line called ‘Quay x Shay’ (tbh we think the name is totally irresponsible as it encourages people to pronounce ‘Quay’ incorrectly. THE HORROR!)


But don’t worry, Shay isn’t abandoning the world of acting just yet. She is filming for a new film ‘Cadaver’ which sounds right up her street after all the horrors she’s been through in Rosewood.

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