Which pop stars reply to fan mail and which don’t? MP! investigates

A long, long time ago, back in a year known as 2011, MP! (in its previous incarnation) sent fan mail to 10 major British pop stars. Pretending to be a 7-year old girl. Called Emma. Who likes sock puppets. We also sent a stamped, self-addressed envelope desperately asking the pop star – what’s your ‘favrit’ animal and will you send me a signed picture, pleeeeasse? So which pop stars love their fans, and which only love their fans’ money. Let’s find out.

Firstly the unsuspecting pop stars we pitted against each other were – JLS, The Wanted, McFly, Parade, Soundgirl, The Saturdays, Cheryl Cole, N-Dubz, Sugababes and Twenty Twenty.

In 1st place, after just 8 days and therefore Officially Quickest To Reply, congrats to Twenty Twenty! They replied with a signed A3 poster which we’ve pictured here for your convenience. Nice work boys! Keep reading to see who replied next…

Next up Bianca, Jess, Sian, Emily and Lauren, (more succinctly known as Parade) got back to us. Just 12 days later. With a signed picture and some not-very-informative trivia cards. This getting post from pop stars was starting to look like an easy task, we’re sure you’ll agree. Actually, don’t start scribbling your own fan mail just yet, let’s see who’s next.

On the very same day, and despite not even being in the country the girls’ good friends The Wanted replied. Their generous offering was a signed picture, a card holder, pen and a picture of JayTheWanted holding his ‘favrit’ animal pet. Then things went a bit quiet until a month after we first posted our letters.

Huzzah! Fledgling new girl-group Soundgirl have replied and they have very neat handwriting. Thanks girls! 4 down, 6 to go and we know that Soundgirl like dogs and horses – we’re impressed!

Next up (and disappointingly, last of all) it’s Una & Co. They replied with a postcard picture which somehow ended up in the bin after an admin error. We can’t picture it, but it did exist. So not the quickest of replies, but still better than….

It’s been almost 365 days and we’re still patiently waiting for replies from the following amazing popstars:

McFly, Cheryl Cole, JLS, N-Dubz, Sugababes. They’re never going to come are they?

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Written by Oliver Meakings

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No dull pop stars allowed.


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  1. I sent fanmail to Cher Lloyd twice and she replied with my signed phone case and the other time she signed two photos. Jessie J also replied to my fanmail with 2 signed photos, and I entered something for a signed photo off Selena and got one after about a year of waiting:) still patiently waiting for my signed photo off The Wanted though:( xx

  2. I sent Ellie Goulding fan mail and she replied with a dedicated card and I sent also sent The Wanted fan mail but it got returned twice because no one picked it up :(

  3. @TashaBarbieBlue Olly Murs does reply!!
    I sent him a letter on about the 15th November an it came around a month later. But it depends when you send it- he does it all in large amounts.
    I got a reply of one of his new album flyers stating “to (my name) lots of love  Olly x”
    Sooooo happy!

  4. i sent fan mail to JLS 2-3 weeeks ago and no reply its really upsetting because i feel like being a JLS’ter means nothing :'( i really love jls i just hpe they reply soon!<3

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