Perrie Edwards just went dogstagram official and the fandom is in meltdown

And they called it puppy love

Looks like Perrie’s getting more than just a touch of somebody’s love and she won’t be shouting out to her ex anymore…

The fandom went into meltdown when they noticed that Perrie and her rumoured boyfriend, footballing fittie Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, had followed each other on Instagram back on 4th January:

But that’s nothing compared to what happened when Perrie posted this super cute pic of Alex on her official Insta account in the wee hours of yesterday.


In true Miley Cyrus style Perrie doesn’t appear in the pic herself, but she focuses everything squarely on bae (Alex) who looks happy as Larry sitting beside his gorge pooch (nearest to the camera) and Perrie’s cutie pie canine.

When two fams combine dogs that can only mean one thing


And Palex is totally a thing!

We’re so happy for Perrie because she truly does deserve happiness and stability after everything she’s been through.

Let us know what you think of the potensh of Palex (or if you have a better portmanteau) using the comments box below.

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