People are now terrified to take peace sign selfies for a very good reason

Do a Winston Churchill instead.

For most of us it’s a staple pose. Especially when you’re slaying/cute/geeky af (insert your own adjective, you do you). But the innocent peace sign now has some shady consequences.

It may be the quickest way to look cool as heck, but it also might be fastest way to get yo’ identity stolen too. We’re not even joking.

It’s been reported that throwing up that V puts you at serious risk of theft. The worst kind of theft. The one where your actual SELF is stolen, because from a photo taken up to 9ft away your fingerprints can be lifted.

Your actual goddamn fingerprints. So flashing those digits is potentially a dangerous game, especially when you stop to consider just how much tech is beginning to favour fingerprint security.

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What can you do? Camera software that can disguise or change your prints on the finished pic is already in the works. But it seems like there might be an easier way to avoid a nightmare situation. Flip it around and stick two fingers up at the fraudsters:

If it’s good enough for Winston Churchill… “V” IS FOR VICTORY! Or, you know, this works too:


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Steal that.

Will this change how you pose in those selfies and quick snaps with your mates? Let us know in the comments!


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