This parrot just sung Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ and tbh someone should give it all Adele’s Grammys!

“Polly want a cracker?”

More like, “Polly want six Grammys and a whole stack o’ dosh?”


It turns out that that mop of a barnet Sia usually sports might not just be to add mystery and intrigue to her act. It might also be used to hide the fact that THERE’S A PARROT UNDER THERE!

No seriously, listen up! We have proof that Sia has never sung a note in her life and that her unique, inimitable style is actually produced by a tropical bird.

Rather than sitting on a pirate’s shoulder, this parrot has decided to pursue his dream as a singer with a rather ratatouille-esque web of lies and deceit.

Here is a live picture caught of the culprit…


And let us present to you the evidence. This parrot has made skills and you will be shook.

SEE! Not many people can produce that amazing tone, in fact we suspect that no-one can, including Sia herself!



For shame, Sia. For shame.

What do you think of our ‘Chandelier’ conspiracy theory? Let us know whether you appreciate this parrot’s cover using the comments box.

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