Paige Toon is taking over @maximumpopbooks on Thursday!

Have you finished ‘All About the Hype’ and been left with burning questions about Jessie, Johnny, and the rest of the Jeffersons? We’ll you’re in luck.

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Paige Toon will be taking charge of @maximumpopbooks on Thursday at 7pm to answer all your questions for a whole hour!

Paige Toon Twitter Takeover

We’ll be pestering Paige about seeing more of the Jeffersons in the future (PLEASE?!), Jessie’s glamorous life in LA and the awesome research Paige does for her books. What about you?

Tweet your questions to @maximumpopbooks using the hashtag #ToonTakeover to join in the fun.

Grab your copy of ‘All About the Hype’ right here!

Tell us which of Paige’s books is your favourite at @maximumpopbooks

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