One Direction twitter chat live: Pop Diary

What: One Direction chat live on twitter
Where: One Direction’s twitter
When: Tomorrow, 29th June, 7pm

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Written by Oliver Meakings

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No dull pop stars allowed.


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  1. Hi, i’m Anne. I’m from Italy. I do not know if this letter comes to you but I will continue to dream, like a true directioner.
    My dream is to see, to hear your voice saying “hello”.
    But I think you can not because I’m in a small town who genuinely do not know anyone in Italy. I wish you came to me because, believe me, in my city is full of directioner with dreams like mine. Well, the whole world loves you.
    You know sometimes I cry …. I cry because I know that there ever meet …. at this time tears are falling and I can not help myself. But I thank you for giving me a reason to live MY LIFE. thank you, thank you very.

  2. Dear One Direction,
      I hope you get this. But you guys have inspierd me to keep planing to do my dream. My dream was to become a singer but as i keep singing to my self i keeped wondering to my self am i even a good singer?? And no one at my school liked me i didnt have not one friend and i wonderd if i was pretty? I looked at my self every day wondering if i was ugly but as soon as i heard the song What Makes You Beautiful i thought i am pretty and no one can tell me im any wrong and so now i been holding my head up high and i continue to follow my dream.Just because of you guys and now im in love with One Direction. thank you guys so much for inspiring me and being my world,making me who i am today. :D Also can you mabey preform in Linconton North Carolina that would make my day.

                                                                                                                       Sincerly your fan,
                                                                                                                                            Emily Turner

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