How many Directioners does it take to count the stars?

One of our fave One Direction lyrics ever is from the beautiful ‘Infinity’ – “how many nights does it take to count the stars?”

Well we’re about to find out how many Directioners it takes to bring out the stars! The stars being the 1D boys ofc.


So we know that there was a video recorded for One Direction‘s ‘Infinity’ which is just lying in a vault somewhere (OK probably on a hard drive, but our way sounds more poetic).

We’d love it if the video was released in time for Christmas 2016 because it would help us get through the drought of 1Dness that we are currently suffering from. So basically fans are putting together an alternate video to encourage the boys to release the actual video for ‘Infinity’.

Click on the image below or here to find out how to join the project. And FYI it involves creating cute stars! To infinity and beyond!


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