Are One Direction making a movie?

Don’t worry, we’re not getting too ahead of ourselves here. We’ve been hearing rumours of a One Direction film for a long time – last year there was whispers that James Corden’s TV company would even produce it – but for the first time the 1D boys themselves have actually hinted at the project.

Speaking to the Metro, Harry Styles revealed that they genuinely have been approached by people with the idea. “We have had a few offers. We like the idea of a documentary-style one.”

A 1D version of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never that follows the group on their mission to take over the US whilst on the road with Big Time Rush and releasing their debut album? Sounds like cinema gold to us. And if there’s any chance of unseen footage of baby Zayn, Liam and co showing off and embarrassing themselves, (alongside the footage of current day Zayn, Liam and co showing off and embarrassing themselves, obviously) then definitely count us in.

Stay tuned to Maximum Pop! for more on this as it happens…

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Written by Oliver Meakings

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  1. No offense but I don’t see the point in one, they’ve already had a documentary out. I’m definitely NOT gonna go see it if there is gonna be one.

  2. i would defoo go and see a one direction movie, it would make people look how far they have come and show the people that dont like them like them a lot more as they are amazing people who have come so far from the x-factor! i love one direction and it would be wonderful  to show the others how great they really are!

  3. why do they always copy JLS? can’t they come with with something on their ow? JLS have dolls, 1D have dolls. JLS have bubble heads, 1D have bubble heads. JLS have a movie, 1D are gonna make a movie. JLS have condoms, just waiting for 1D to have their ones.

  4. LOUIS TOMLIINSON im actully in love with you you never fail to make me laught your such a funny guy i love you withh all my heart your amazing cute funny and you seem to be every well liked in the band your amazing at sing baby i love you so mucch lois i could writee a story about you keep it up with that amazing voice from yoour biggest fan bronwyn mackie

    Niall Horan, i love how your irish and cute,,Harry Styles, you hair is just so amaiingLiam Payne, your body is so sexy Zayne Malik, your just the cutest poser
    i hope you guys last forever your alla amzing at sing and you you 5 come together you are amazing

  5. LOUIS TOMLINSON, you have an amazing voice your gorgous your funny and cute and amazing you dress well and most of all your not selfish you not mean to others and you never fail to make me laught,, im in love with you louis my amazing boy dont let them hatters get you down your an amazing guyy and i love you with all my heart,I M YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER ( keep eating your carrots ) YOU’VE GOT THAT ONE THING

     Niall Horan, you so cute and amazing and your from IRELAND ohh my god  and i love oreos to YOUR AMAZING BOY you’ve got an amazing voice,  IT’S GOTTA BE YOUHarry Styles- your hair is amazing your amazing and so is your voice harry YOU LIT UP MY WORLDLiam Payne, your body is so sexy and you got an amazzing voice boy, I WANT youlast but not lease Zayn Malik ,your the cutest poser ever and you have an amazing voice ,, i wanna stay UP ALL NIGHT with you babeI HAVE GOT 2 OFF YOUR ALUBUMS BOYs i love you boys and want to here more of those lovely voices

  6. i loved to whach a one direction moive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Zayn malik  is so hot and i con´t belive zayn is indain aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats so a maysing

  7. One direction you guys rollllllllll! I love u guys! make more songs! I f u guys had a movie i would watch it like six times!!!:)

  8. one direction are the best in the world all five of them are soooooooooooooooo! cute their awsome
    love you onre direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. I love one direction! one direction is not gay because theres this picture that somebody took and it had Niall and Harry kissing on the lips, and that’s a false picture because  one direction is not gay! they are all cute, hot, and adorable. And it wouid be very nice for one direction to be making a movie for those who love and those who may not like one direction a whole lot and that is totaly okay.

  10. Haha, I think it is so funny how many directionators i see on here! Like really ALL OF THEM ARE AMAZING IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. This girl sittin here saying”OMG I LOVE HARRY!” ” I LOVE HARRY AND LOUIS!” so just go away. you are the fans who think you like them and you dont and it gets me to the point wear i wanna slap everyone. I can see if you favor one but just saying one or two of them is cute is just annoying and you are not a directioner.

  11. Really, I’m not up for the whole Ohh I’m a true Directoiner.!! But I do love them I guess you could say I am a “Directoiner”. But I think that if you people were true Directioners that you wouldn’t like this one more and have a least favorite because they are all great.! Yeah sure it’s okay to have a favorite cause I sure do I love you Niall. (: But what the point is that if you were a true Directioner you can have a favorite but you can’t have a least favorite. I love all the boys equally I just happen to think one is the cutest? (: Ha.

  12. And I also would like to say that Niall you are theee most perfect human being to ever live and I love you. ( :I loved your old teeth and I like them now too but they were perfect before because they added all of the rest of your natural beauty together like your smile, your accent, and your hair I love everything about you and please go back to the way you were before demm haterrrs came along, you don’t have to listen to them, they are just them damn jealouse girls again. AND IF THEY NEW WHAT WAS GOOD FOR THEM THEY WOULD SHUT UP NOWW (:

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