The winners are… One Direction arena tickets – Comp of the Day

You crashed our website, broke the internet in half and had a far more dramatic day than you expected. But, did you win the One Direction tickets? There’s just ONE way to find out. Monday’s maximumpop.co.uk Pop Mailer will include details of the winners. Register free here and check your email at 4pm. Good luck.

Whilst you were busy munching on your Cocopops this morning, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis were making £20 million selling out arenas across the country. Oh, to be a pop star. But if all you’ve got to show for your attempts to get 1D tickets is a severely bruised redial finger and a smashed-up laptop, we’ve got some very good news.

We’ve managed to get our hands on a pair of tickets for every single date… and we’re giving them all away TODAY. What do we want from you for a chance to win? Trade in your little brother? Dedicate your next 60 years to the cause of promoting MP!? A strawberry muffin hand-delivered to our office?


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Written by Oliver Meakings

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No dull pop stars allowed.


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  1. Only ONE more day and we will all know the truth!! Good luck to everyone, I know we all want these tickets so even if I dont win I know they will be in good hands! Have fun. Im going to cry if I dont win because this was my last chance of getting them but oh well, for those who dont win either we can have a crying session together:)

  2. I’m a girl who hates spoons, loves carrots, when I look at a pigeon and thinks of kevin and when excited says VAS HAPPENIN!  Good luck everyone and as much as I want these tickets,  if  I don tget them congratulations to whoever won :D

  3. I want these tickets more than words could actually tell you, I didn’t get to go to the last tour and I didn’t have the money, or the chance to go to this one due to being let down last minute. This would be a dream come true, and literally means everything to me right now. The next year of my life depends on these tickets, so I’m praying I win. But If I don’t and someone else wins I hope they have an incredible time, and it makes all their dreams come true. Good Luck everyone! xo

  4. i’m trying to win these tickets as a present for my  bestfriend, she took me to turkey and i need to pay her back with something, she’s having a hard time at the moment and i need to d osomething to cheer her up and thought this would be the perfect thing! so obviously i would love to win the tickets, but whoever wins them, i hope you have an amazing time! and at least a true directioner will win them!:)

  5. I have no idea how they are going to give us the information but [email protected]_loves1D:twitter 

    • Im* [email protected]_loves1D:twitter 

  6. i want, i want, i want, but that’s qrazy. i want, i want, i want these tickets. i want, i want, i want this tickets so much! :D
    i would be very very happy if i’ll win this tickets. but if another directioner win them than it’s also okay :)

  7. Well I didnt win. I got an e-mail showing the winners for this and to have lunch with parade and yep sadly I wasnt one of the 30 something chosen but congratulations to the winners, Have fun for us all! :D

      • This is basically the message for the one direction concert, This is what the  said:
        THE WINNERS ARE… TICKETS TO SEE ONE DIRECTION LIVE!Congratulations to all 33 of our lucky winners *takes deep breath*: Hayley W, James T, Nazish K, Max L, Thomas P, Grace D, Peter S, Craig L, Demica S, Hannah G, Kyle S, Paige M, Athene R, Ana C, Sonia J, Levi N, Emily A, David M, Robyn E, Kieran C, Jordan F, Freya B, Katy D, Reyhan G, Jason I, Kim B, Sara I, Sophie R, Almas K, Rhys D, Helena W, Stephen B and Shayne G! *passes out* – you have all received an email to let you know what to do next! Didn’t win? Keep reading to find out how to enter our brand new competition for an official The Wanted t-shirt. 

    • please please please please reply?!
      email me that email you got at lucyg54@hotmail.co.uk
      @hotmail:disqus ^^Probz think im stupid for posting my email, but i barely use that one xDAnyway please tell me. I would love to know.. In fact. I NEED TO KNOW!:c please?xxx.


  9. doesnt matter who wins these tickets, we are part of the one direction family & any of us deserve them, so good luck to all you people! i hope its some lucky person out there who didnt get tickets. would be amazayn just to make a fan happy! – love one direction!<3

  10. i’m a girl that loves singing showing my passion and i’m not afraid of what people say about me i just want to live while in young:D and if i don’t win well tough.. congratulations to who ever wins have a good time :D

  11. whens the next comp. i realyyyyyyyyyyyy LOV harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im cray cray bout 1d!! ALL OF MY STUFF ARE 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and if som1 else wins then im happy for u and hope u hav fun there!! <333 XD

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