Niall just had his say on Liam Payne becoming a dad and it’s made us SO proud

Niam are still STRONG.

It feels like One Direction have been on hiatus for about 28934389642 years now, doesn’t it? There are very few things which can get us through this difficult time, but seeing that the boys are still there for one another is definitely helping.


Given that the bromances are still well and truly alive, it’s no wonder that the entire world has been on tenterhooks waiting to hear what the boys think about the whole Liam and Cheryl saga (you know – the one where she’s quite obviously got a baby bump but won’t admit to anything? Yeah, that one).

Luckily for us, the Gods have finally spoken, and Niall has given us his opinion on Liam’s imminent fatherhood. YASSSS. 

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In an interview with the ‘Daily Star‘ online, Niall was asked if Liam had confided in him about becoming a dad. Responding to the question, he said:

I’m looking forward to it. Liam hasn’t said he’s nervous but I’m sure he is. I bet he can’t wait as well. It is a very exciting thing in your life.

He then added: “He’s great and she’s lovely, it will be a lovely child”.

Aww, Niall! What an absolute cutie. Given how strong the Niam ship is, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Niall (and the rest of the boys) playing a huge part in Liam’s baby’s life. They’re all really wonderful people, so it goes without saying that they’d be awesome influences to have around.

For now though, we’ll just have to wait and see. But in the meantime, we’re going to go and flip through a load of Niam pics, and wait for this damn hiatus to end.

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