LISTEN to Niall Horan’s magical debut single and see the 11 best Twitter reactions

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. After months of speculation as to who would be the first of the remaining members of One Direction to release a solo single, it turned out to be the one nobody expected. But Niall‘s always been a dark horse, hasn’t he?


Nothing in this unholy world could have prepared us for the emotional turmoil that is Niall’s debut single. ‘This Town’ is a beautiful acoustic ballad which makes our hearts skip a beat.

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QUIZ: How well do you know the lyrics to Niall Horan’s ‘This Town’?


Twitter just exploded in case you hadn’t noticed:

This could be our fave tweet of all time:

Feast your eyes on the beautiful artwork:

Everyone is going full on Niall!

But 1D is never forgotten…

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