Niall Horan just proved he is the nicest pop star in the world by doing the cutest thing

All bow to the mighty Horan

Some people are just pure gold and when you are around them you feel like a million dollars.

One Direction’s Niall Horan is one of those people.

Not only is he uber talented and insanely handsome, but he’s also an all round good egg to boot.

And in a world where a racist, sexist, homophobic satsuma is one of the most powerful people, we really need a good dose of Niall.

His latest move of kindness is to help promote BBC’s initiative to nurture young writing talent, 500 Words 2017.

The concept is super simple – it’s all in the name. Basically, you just need to submit a 500 word story on any topic and in return you could win piles upon piles of lovely, beautiful BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS.

The top winner in each age group will win a humungous pile of books as tall as Radio 2 presenter, Chris Evans (1.88 metres), as well as 500 books for their school library. We’d be drowning in luscious lit!

You could also sign up to be a judge for the competition if you think you have the chops for it.

Niall just had his say on Liam Payne becoming a dad and we’re SO proud

Can you guess which 1D star Little Mix are desperate to team up with? 

Niall also took time out from making his debut album to make an appearance on Radio 2 this morning. He described his approach to songwriting:

“I write concepts before I start writing songs. Whether it’s a life story or I’m making something up, I will always write the concept out before I start writing anything. I write a paragraph of what I want the song to be based around and then work from start to finish in my paragraph. Let it flow out your mouth and write it down.”

The presenter also mentioned that last year 500 words received over 40,000 in the last 24 hours and asked Niall whether he was ever any good at meeting deadlines:

“I was absolutely terrible! I don’t think I’ve ever met a deadline before”

Us neither Niall. Us neither. You are truly all of us.

He also sent in this cute video message which fills our hearts with warm fuzzy feelings:

Listen to the full interview with Niall here.

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