These Directioners have come up with a way to celebrate Niall’s birthday and it’s SO Niall

MP! loves a good fan project and when we hear about a really good idea we just can’t help but get involved.

So when we got sent a really cool project by the lovely guys at @AlmightOver25s we just couldn’t resist, especially as the project is in honour of our ultimate fave Niall Horan‘s bday!

Yep, that’s right Nialler will turn the grand old age of 23 on 13th September. Where do those years go?

Anyway, on with the project. So AlmightyOver25s have suggested that you post a selfie with your fave drink using the hashtag #ToasttoNialls23rd on Niall’s bday. Let’s get it trending on 13th.

Cute, eh?


We are so on board with this it’s unreal and we want to get as many people as possible involved so Niall will spot us. Sarah, Rie and Maz from AlmightyOver25s have also created this cool shareable pic that you can use in your tweet.


Get sharing! Don’t forget to copy us into your tweet! The MP! team is getting involved, so why don’t you! Tweet us with the hashtag @MaximumPop.

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