MP! Snapchat Awards: Who did you vote as the ultimate Snapchatter?

It’s crunch time!


Yep, believe it or not the MP! Snapchat Awards has been going since the 1st September! DAMN GIRL! But now it’s time to close the final poll and announce the ultimate Snapchatter and the winner of this saga of Snapchattiness.

You guys have been voting for Carrie, Camila, Calum, Niall, Shay and Sanne using the ultimate hashtags and we’ve had literally thousands of votes from all over the world. But there can only be one winner and that person is…



It’s official! Camila is the snappiest, ultimate, best ever,  most fandabulousest user of the app ever.

Tweet Camila your congrats on being the source of all things that are awesome in this world and don’t forget to include @MaximumPop in the tweet too.

You can find Camila and all the nominees, including Niall and Calum, in our Snapchat Directory, as well as thousands of other stars. 

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