Vote for the Best Bookish Snapchat! Is it Epic Reads, Books and quills or Louise O’Neill?

It’s time for the third poll in our MP! Snapchat Awards series, which is running the whole of September.

First we asked you to vote for the Best Pop Star/ Group on Snapchat.


Then we asked you to vote for your fave Social Media Star on Snapchat.


You can vote for both these polls until 27th September.

Now we are are opening another poll for Best Bookish Snapchat.

If you’re missing one or, god forbid, all these usernames on Snapchat, you can find all their usernames in our Snapchat Directory, as well as thousands of other stars.

Now get voting!

Louise O’Neill


Victoria Aveyard


Epic Reads


Sanne Vliegenthart (booksandquills)


Lucy Powrie (LucyTheReader)


Fierce Reads


To vote, simply click the button below the pop star or group you want to vote for, or you can just add the hashtag to a tweet. You can vote as many times as you want, but retweets don’t count. We will count all your votes and reveal the winner on 27th September. Happy voting!

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