Welcome to the MP! Snapchat Awards 2016! Is Niall or 5SOS the Best Pop Act on Snapchat?

How did we actually live before Snapchat? We literally have no idea, but our lives really have come to depend on it 100%. We can feel so close to our beloved pop stars 24/7 and the filters… OH THE FILTERS.

MP! is so in love with Snapchat that it has created its own Snapchat Directory so you can find all your faves. There are literally thousands of entries, so get yourselves over there and discover your new obsession.

Because Snapchat forms such a big part of our life, we wanted to reward our faves for their hard work snapping with our own award ceremony, the very first MP! Snapchat Awards (or The Snappys for short).

Every Tuesday and Thursday in September we will be announcing a new poll to vote for your fave Snapchatter. Here are the categories:

  • Best pop star/group on Snapchat
  • Best social media star on Snapchat
  • Best Bookish Snapchat
  • Best film/TV star on Snapchat
  • Most stylish Snapchatter
  • Funniest Snapchatter
  • Ultimate Snapchatter of 2016

So today we’re kicking things off with our first category – Best pop star/group on Snapchat. Here are the nominees:

Fifth Harmony

Snapchat Awards 1

Niall Horan

Snapchat Awards 1


Snapchat Awards 1

Little Mix 

Snapchat Awards 1

Ariana Grande

Snapchat Awards 1

Selena Gomez 

Snapchat Awards 1

To vote, simply click the button below the pop star or group you want to vote for, or you can just add the hashtag to a tweet. You can vote as many times as you want, but retweets don’t count. We will count all your votes and reveal the winner on 27th September. Happy voting!

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