Being booed at #Hamilton is harassment but “grabbing pussy” is “locker-room talk”. Right.

Last Friday Vice President-elect Mike Pence went to see Broadway musical ‘Hamilton’ (excuse us while we cry that it’s not open in London yet).

While there, the audience booed him and at the end of the show one of the ‘Hamilton’ cast delivered a speech directly for Pence.

hamilton coat flip

Some people are calling it bullying and harassment, and others are defending their right to fight against the bigotry of Pence and Trump’s government.

Brandon Dixon who plays Aaron Burr delivered this message as Pence was leaving the theatre:

Lin- Manuel Miranda supported Dixon’s message:

He has no regrets:

Lots of other people agreed with Dixon:

Queen Leigh Bardugo stepped in too:

Even Pence himself is weirdly supportive of Hamilton’s message…

But others, including Trump weren’t such a fan…

The conversation quickly turned to why Trump was getting involved – what was he hiding behind his theatre tweets?

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