Hey, you know those MP! quizzes you love? Well, Zalfie, Carrie and velvetgh0st take ’em too

We know ya’ll love our quizzes. You take them, share them and ace them in your thousands. But did you know that you have that in common with some of your fave stars?

We discovered this back in June when Zoella featured us in one of her vlogs. Read all about it below.

Zoella secretly reads Maximum Pop! We’ve got a starring role in her new vlog


Play the quiz from Zoella’s vlog!

And recently Gabriella Lindley aka Velvetgh0st came out as a devoted MP!er, engaging in a cheeky bit of banter with Zoella and Alfie on Twitter. Just wanna say, ALFIE GOT ONE WRONG! Can you beat him?

QUIZ: Who tweeted it: Zoella or Gabriella Lindley?


And she’s not the only YouTuber who likes to get quizzical with us, Louise Pentland gave it a go, but didn’t quite manage to remember what she had tweeted.

Who tweeted it: Zoella or Sprinkle of Glitter?


Looks like we’re starting to get a bit of a rep for our complicated quizzes actually.

Find out if you’re a true hopeful in this Carrie Hope Fletcher tricky trivia quiz


The delightful Carrie Hope Fletcher also loved this article about how to act when you meet your fave YouTuber. Hint: don’t scream in their face please.


Find Carrie and Alfie’s Snapchat Username as well as thousands of others in our Snapchat Directory.

Let us know how you feel taking the same quiz as Zoella, Carrie, Velvetgh0st etc. by leaving a comment in the box below and you can tweet us your results @maximumpop.

We also have a Twitter poll going on where you can vote for your fave social media star on Snapchat, so make sure you support your fave.


It comes with Carrie’s seal of approval.

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