Hold up! This is the website every single fandom has been waiting for

Something exciting has been brewing for a while and now it’s ready to be unveiled to the world.

Welcome to the era of…



This is a brand new website launching today which will allow you to discover the best worldwide fan projects supporting the musicians, YouTubers and authors you love.

You can find fan projects, join them, share them with friends, and work with other fans to create amazing moments that your fandom AND your favourite stars will remember forever.


We already have six fan projects listed, including Little Mix, 5SOS The Vamps and Sprinkle of Glitter.

Get involved in these 5SOS and Little Mix fan projects!

Little Mix Christmas Fan Book 2016


5SOS Project Safety Pin PH


So what are you waiting for? Get involved here and take your fangirling to the next level.

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