Is this the new Ice Bucket Challenge? You’d be insane not to get involved in the newest viral craze

It seems like just yesterday that everyone was pouring buckets of freezing water over their heads… We loved it when our fave pop stars did the Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s hard to match the delight in watching our faves wincing, screaming and shivering. Good times.



That was over two years ago!

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Bloody hell! Don’t we feel old. But now it’s time for a new craze which is sweeping the internet and this one is just as fun and you don’t have to get cold for it. Win-win situation really.

Such is the popularity of what is known as #MannequinChallenge that Beyonce‘s girlband Destiny’s Child reunited literally just to do it. Doesn’t it look like Kelly is getting ready to clobber the other two with a stick…? *nervous laughter*

The internet has come to a literal stand-still with thousands already having posted their challenges, including Adele, who is always first to a party…

Country and western theme, baby!

Never far behind, Ellen DeGeneres has also posted her take on it.


A video posted by Ellen (@theellenshow) on

Our beloved Radio 1 DJ’s are also always game for a challenge.

There really are some amazing videos out there. This one’s defs one of our faves. It’s like a feature length video. Imagine if your school got involved like this?

Are you thinking of getting involved in the #mannequinchallenge? Let us know what you think of the new viral sensation and which celebs you’d like to see get involved using the comments box below.

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