Here’s how to make your fan account stand out from the crowd

We asked popular Miley Cyrus fan account, @WeAdoreMiley, to share their expertise on how to make your fan account stand out and get noticed on Twitter. Here’s the advice they shared with us. 

There are so many ways you can help make your fan account stand out.


For the right reasons…

One of the biggest things you needs to keep in mind is to always put a focus on being relatable. Posting funny memes and staying consistent is what will keep other fans checking out your page, but idk tho… 😆

Be interactive with one another. Create friendships and have fun. When you’re having fun and trying out new things with your fan page, it often times becomes fresh and can start and Internet trend. The best advice that I could ever give anybody is to truly be yourself. Tweet things that interest you, because chances are they will interest others.


Another big thing that helps a fan account to stand out is by hosting contests. I remember when ‘Party in the U.S.A.’ was officially released, alongside with other Miley projects, I would always have giveaway prizes. I did this as a thank you to everybody who was following me. In return, other fans would constantly check back on my page daily as a premiere spot for Miley news.


If you run a fan account and would like to share any of your insights, leave a comment using the comments box below. Share your experience!

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