You won’t believe what you’re doing to celebrate Louis Tomlinson’s birthday!

Things may be all quiet on the Louis front right now (which pains our hearts), but that’s all about to change!


Yep, we’re smiling from ear to ear too so don’t wipe that cheesy grin off your face just yet.

So the deal is that we want to make sure that Louis knows we haven’t forgotten him. Niall is currently slaying the charts, Liam is busy getting busy with Cheryl  and Harry has what seems like a hundred projects on the back burner. While Louis has been a lot more low-key lately, we certainly haven’t forgotten him at all.

So Maximum Pop! is putting together a fan book to celebrate Louis’ birthday on 24th December when he will turn the grand old age of 25! Bloody hell, where do those years go?


If Louis is ‘Perfect’ to you, then you HAVE TO get involved in this fan project! You could send fanart, fanfiction, stories, photos, messages, anything!  You can also share the project with your friends using the buttons under the ‘Invite’ heading.

Click on the image below for more information on how to sign up to the project.


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