Liam Payne just broke the internet with THIS baby pic and nobody knows what to think

Baby Payne has EVERYONE talking.

Right now there are three things in this world we’re waiting for. The fall of Donald Trump, Liam Payne’s first solo album, and the arrival of long-awaited baby Payne.

While we unfortunately can’t offer any good news on the first of those points, we can give you an exciting update on the other two – OH THE JOY.

Right now you’re obviously super excited to hear what the big news is on the Liam Payne-album-come-baby front, and we are ready to tell you.

As with most things in 2017, it all started with an Instagram post (what else?)…

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Yesterday, Liam posted this image on his account:

A photo posted by Liam Payne (@liampayne) on

Pretty exciting, right? Liam’s in the recording studio which can only mean one thing –  NEW MUSIC. Given the fact we’ve been waiting for Liam’s solo debut for what seems like an eternity, this is making us giddy enough…but that’s just the start of it.

If you look at the image more closely, you’ll probably notice a piece of artwork in the studio. – AND IT’S ONLY A BLOOMIN’ BABY.

Cryptic much? Twitter seems to think so.

Not only is the baby wearing headphones, but it also looks like it’s singing into the mic – could this be a clue that baby Payne is set to appear on Liam’s debut solo album? Probably not tbh, but it’s a nice thought.

And by the by, did you also hear that Liam recently got a Cheryl tattoo in honour of her being his baby mama? That’s a perfect reason to take this Liam Payne tattoo quiz.

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